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Biến động tỷ giá hối đoái phụ thuộc nhiều và các sự kiện kinh tế và chính trị của quốc gia, ngành công nghiệp, tập đoàn đa quốc gia. Tất cả các tin tức chính trị, kinh tế và tài chính trực tiếp ảnh hưởng đến tỷ giá hối đoái, do vậy thương xuyên theo dõi tin tức quốc tế sẽ giúp cho Bạn giao dịch trên thị trường Forex và CFD.
Mỗi tuần Quý khách có thể xem lại tổng quan thị trường về tất cảc sư kiện chính thế giới và sự ảnh hưởng đến thị trường tài chính của nó.

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Uncertainty about the outcome of reopened US-China trade negotiations weighed on global equities last week despite reports China is prepared to allow foreign corporations greater access to the Chinese market. US stock market extended losses: The SP 500 fell 1.2% led by health care shares while the ICE US dollar index gained 0.1%.

London’s FTSE 100 was the only major stock index among the five largest global indexes which managed to end higher. Nikkei recorded the biggest loss: it fell 1.4%. Half...


Dovish comments by Federal Reserve chair Powell and hopes for strong sales in the post-Thanksgiving holiday season lifted US equities last week. US stock market recouped previous week’s losses as Powell’s statement the interest rate is now “just below” neutral rate was interpreted as a signal the central bank may slow the pace of rate hikes...


Technology sector woes as global growth slowing concerns came to fore again on US-China trade dispute uncertainty were a drag on global equities market last week. US stock market losses deepened with Apple still in the van of technology retreat. The SP 500 lost 3.8% while the ICE US dollar index gained 0.6%.

Major global stock indices sustained significant...


US stock market gave up previous week’s post-elections gains as technology shares fell led by Apple last week. 1 The SP 500 lost 1.6% and the ICE US dollar index ended down 0.5%.

Major global stock indices reversed their movements from previous week. The Nikkei 225 index recorded the biggest change: it fell 2.6%. The dynamics of major currency pairs’...


US stock market post elections rally buoyed global market sentiment last week as uncertainty about changes on US political landscape receded. As Democrats took over House majority the SP 500 gained 2.1% and the ICE US dollar ended up 0.4%.

All major global stock indices except Hong Kong’s added to previous week’s gains.2 The Hang Seng index gave...